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Midwest Witches’ Ball   - Details

It has been over two decades since the members of the Covenette banded together to put on the first ball. In 1997 the union of two sister covens formed Cov/42 Productions. This joining allowed the Witches Ball tradition to continue and grow into the amazing event that it is.

Midwest Witches' Bazaar   - Details

The Michigan Witches Bazaar, showcases products, services and resources for Witches, Wiccans, Druids and Pagans of all Faiths. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to one place and explore everything that is available? Well, that’s exactly what the Midwest Witches Bazaar is all about! The Michigan Witches Bazaar is held yearly and is a place where first rate vendors and readers gather to provide products and advice for those who enjoy the metaphysical


Earth Spirit People   - Details
We have two formal gatherings a year to celebrate the season, preform rituals, host workshops,vendors, listen to music and selected speakers. We are interested in people that can talk on different paths as one of our goals is to promote understanding and give options to our community.

The Detroit Conjure and Folk Magick Festival   - Details
The first Detroit Festival that highlights Conjure, Hoodoo, and Folk Magicks, this event promises to be a blast. This festival will focus on getting down to the practitioners and the readers presenting the tools, talk, and tech of their trades and paths. General admission to our community classes and workshops is free.

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